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    Unanswered: Help using SQL Loader to count the number of fields being loaded

    I am loading data into tables using SQL Loader. My datavaires from being comma delimited to simply using whitespace.

    The problem is that vendors will often decide to add or remove a column without notification. Is there a way to have the loader check the number of fields then either break if it's incorrect or load the data if it is correct?

    Any help you can provide will be greatly appreciated

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    what exactly does the "checking"?
    based upon what criteria does the checker decide if file is correct or not?

    You have a business process problem that is independent of & external to Oracle.
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    If the files are in *nix OS, you could use "awk", something like this:

    awk -F' ' 'BEGIN {minf=9999; maxf=-1}
    { if(NF < minf) minf = NF;
      if(NF >= maxf) maxf = NF;
    } END {print "Min fields = "minf", Max fields = "maxf;}
    ' TheFile.txt
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