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    Unanswered: Creating a report for selected date

    In my DB I have a table and a form called CMS. Within that table is a field called "VISIT DATE" which is a date/time field.

    I have a report ("Todays Externals") which comes from a query (also called "Todays Externals") that amongst other fields contains that date field.

    The query has "Date()" in the date box so I can get a list of all records with todays date in.

    What I want to do is have a text box on the switchboard where I can enter any date, then click a search button to bring up the report showing records for that date, but I have no idea where to begin with this.

    Could someone please help?

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    Instead of Date() in the criteria, you'd have


    Another option is taking the criteria out of the query and using this technique:

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