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    Unanswered: Newb question about dump

    I have searched Google and these forums but I'm still not clear if I can just use the dump command or if I have to set up backup servers in the interfaces file as shown here:

    I am connected remotely to a sybase server that is on a UNIX machine. I do not have access to it's interfaces file. I am connected via Isql GUI on a windows client. Can I use the following command to get a backup on my Windows machine?

    dump database mydb to "C:\mydb.dmp"

    Also what is the performance penalty? I suppose I should run this in the off hours if possible?
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    As u are connected from windows m/c (which is client here) to the UNIX m/c (which is a server).
    So from client whatever command u fire executes on server and will generate the o/p on server itself.

    So in your case u r looging in from a client to a server, and trying to take the backup on server and want the files to be created on client ..... which is highly impossible.

    the way around is take the database dump on server and ftp it from Unix m/c (server) to your local m/c.

    But i am wondering why do u require backup on your local m/c, as the database must be there on server only.

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    To dump a database you need a functioning Sybase server and a functioning Backupserver. It is not nessecary to have the backupserver detail in the interfaces file on your client, because you connect to the Sybase server when issuing a dump database, not to the backup server.

    The path you use i the dump database command should be an existing path on the database server, not on the client.
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