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    Unanswered: Import speed

    I assume members have found that importing large text files (CSV etc) in to a database is extremely slow (hours for 10,000+ records).
    As a test tried first importing 10,000 records in to access table (using MS Access 2000) then import from mdb to BB database - the difference is amazing -from hours to seconds. It appears the text parser/import is a weak link not some hidden indexing as I thought might be slowing things down. Checked with a find on these 10,000 records and response ok at a few seconds - a query gives an instant result.
    Just a warning, managed to corrupt a dummy database on first attempt. Suspect mismatch field types may have been cause.
    Anyone know of freeware program that can open mdb files and import txt data, at least until Binary Brilliant can fix this problem - not in V10 by first tests?
    Excel xls files appear ok as well - will try some free spreadsheet programs.
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    Suggest you do some more analysis . . .

    We do not have BD, but delimited files load very quickly into several other pc and mainframe databases. . .

    Is the data already on the BD box? Might the lost time be due to transimssion issues?

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    Sometimes stability(root damage, time out) and slowness is the drawbacks in the BD. I hope with the new version this will be solved by the time they release.

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