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    Unanswered: moving a multi-line text from a variable back into a relational field

    please see included screenshot.
    those lines transfers a field from a relational field (which in itself is a multiline text field) into an edit box as default text, and when exiting it puts all the input of the edit box into a variable.

    I would like to transfer those text lines back into the relational field, but as it is not a recordset, I cant get it to work using the "change relational field" action. The "set field value (text)" does not do it either.

    Is there a solution to this, using script?

    Thanks in advance for suggestions.
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    Can you use a query to locate needed record and use this as your record set. Usually more one one way to select record once you have this "magic" record set no(s). Should be able to update your field from here. The change relational field action is really about matching particular records.

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