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    Unanswered: Parent / Child relationship

    Using Access 2010, I have started creating a database that is meant to store information about "technical requirements" in an industry.
    Each row corresponds to one requirement. It contains information such as Requirement ID, description, verification method, etc regarding that specific requirement.

    Now I would like to establish parent/children relationship between these requirements.
    Each child can have multiple parents and each parent can have multiple children.
    I understand that I need a second table. (table_Link)
    In this table I have two fields RID (Requirement ID) and Children.

    The data type for both fields using "lookup wizard" has been set to only give the user the option to choose one of the RIDs from the first table.

    I have then created a form to display parents and children of every one of these requirements? (every RID)
    There are three combo boxes, one for RID, one for parents and one for children of that certain RID.
    I am not sure how to get the combo box to display all the "Parents" of that certain RID.
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