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    Unanswered: User db is not recoverd while starting ASE

    While restarting the ASE 12.0 on Sun Solaris 10, the user database is not recovered. the error message is recovering database 'userdbname' , Current Process (0x7ro17) infected with 11
    and a stack trace is coming.

    Kindly suggest how to recover the user db. Thanking you in advance..

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    Do you have a recent dump you can load, after recreating the database?
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    I am not able to load the latest database dump on to

    my backup server .

    The following is the error message shown while loading

    Jan 9 10:50:55 2013: Backup Server: Database cowaanew:

    5729494 kilobytes LOADed.

    Jan 9 10:50:58 2013: Backup Server: [95] Error for device

    '/database/20121130userdb.dump'. Error reading from archive device

    /database/20121130userdb.dump. Attempted to read 65536 bytes, but 51376

    bytes were read. The dump is probably bad.

    Jan 9 10:50:58 2013: Backup Server:

    /database/20121130userdb.dump: volume not valid or not requested

    (server: , session id: 35.)

    Jan 9 10:50:58 2013: Backup Server: Unrecoverable I/O or

    volume error. This DUMP or LOAD session must exit.

    I have tried recovering the loading / recovering by putting off the 'free space accounting as well , even with that after the entire DB is loaded while making online , stack trace is coming and isql session ges terminated.

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    try different options of dbcc dbreboot.
    but i would like to mention here its not a sybase recommended command, i am recommending it because the recent dumps being used by you seems to be corrupt.

    The best option here is to engage sybase tech support if its a prod database.

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    Issue is resolved...

    Dear Team,

    Thank you all for your valuable time advise..

    The issue is resolved , there were multiple issues involved ( free space accounting, Broken chain 806 errors coupled with some damaged dumps)

    The steps followed are:

    1) drop and recreate the database
    2) spdboption 'userdb', 'no free space accounting',true
    3) load the database from good dump( We had the dumps stored in multiple locations, which rescued us)
    4) manually dropped and recreated the broken tables loaded the data from good backups bcp out and bcpin into destination
    5) ASE is up and working with userdb successfully recovered

    'Free space accounting' issue was Precisely identified and workaround was suggested by : Bret Halford ,Support Architect, ASE Tactical Support Team,AGS Primary ,Support Sybase, Inc., when the same issue was posted on Sybase->ASE Administration news group.

    Thanks all

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