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    Online MySQL Student attendance system

    I am making an attendance system with multiple classes of different group size and date.

    I have designed this database but cannot find a way to record students presence without duplication.

    id varchar (e.g. Teacher = 'T00231', Student = 'S10220')
    password varchar

    id int
    name varchar
    teacherId varchar (use id from user)
    groupId int (use id from studentGroup)
    weekDay varchar

    id int
    studentId varchar (use id from user)

    classId int (use id from class)
    presence int

    Initially, the user, class and studentGroup tables will be populated.

    When a teacher logs in, they will be prompted with a list of classes which are taught on that day.

    When they click a class, a register appears listing the associated student group to be marked.

    My problem lies with storing the 'presence' values. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance


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    "presence" should be the StudentID.
    ...and I hate your naming convention. Don't use "ID" in every table. Use [TableName]ID, consistently in both parent tables and foreign key references.
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    I guess it comes down to what you are trying to model and what you are trying to capture as attendance
    for me you'd need to know the students, courses and or subjects, what courses a person is enrolled in, what the schedule for the courses/subjects is, and from that records a specific persons attendance on that subjects specific instance (ie class)

    whether recording the day is good enough depends on what you are trying to achieve.
    in my experience an attendance regsiter can be taken either at the day or half day level IE not against a specific subject, whereas some places want to know if some had attended a specific class. some other places record percentage of attendance (IE person X attended DB concepts calls on Wednesday 8th Jan for 50% of the time)

    CS caters for a course that can comprises a range of subjects
    S caters for a series of subjects that a student is studying
    Again in my experience most places requiring an attendance record have a detailed requirement (eg wehere a student or pupil may study from a range of subjects (CS)
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