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    Unanswered: Database Report Summary Help

    Hi All,

    My first topic here and I hope I will be able to find a solution to my problem here.

    I have a data table and I've created report from that table. Data table contains data for Area, Store and sales, cost and profit data on different column.

    I have created a report that gives me data by Store and it works fine.

    But I want to create a report that gives me summary by area. When I try to do that detail section repeats so many lines instead of giving me total for each area.
    I mean if one of area contains 3 store than it's not showing me total of 3 stores instead it shows me 3 different line and 3 different figures instead of 1 in detail section.

    Can any one please let me know how can I have summary?


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    I'll tell you something that used to bite me in the pants until I finally learned to do it. In report design, click on the Grouping icon. I betcha your groupings are all wrong, or at least out of the correct order. Either that, or your SQL is wrong.


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