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    Unanswered: db2 query

    Hi every one

    i'm a beginner in DB2 administration world so i need your great help...

    i'll explain what is the process

    as i'm working on warehouseman project there is

    1.database entries to Application
    3. rules (we must checj that the data in data base complained with the rules in the application)

    for example:

    This rule is basically just looking for concessions giving to the same customer that when added together, equal or is greater then $25,000.00

    Example would be

    Customer1 gets a concession on day2 equal to the amount of $16,000.00

    a week later

    Customer1 gets a concession on day10 equal to the amount of $10,000.00

    Our Application reads all the data coming and has a history of the first concession on day2 and when the second concession on day10 is processed, it adds the 2 concessions together and gets $26,000.00
    It then creates an alert and writes that alert in the alert table.

    now my task is to look at the duplicated information and trace it in the data view and calculate the dates, look for differences in the information, dates processed, time processed, Check how much data the view is holding,

    i don't know from where should i start exactly and i have given table i take shortcut from it

    DataSource DataElement EventName Criteria

    BEED CustNo AN.Arabia_V CustomerNbr must be the same in individual and accumulated sub-bathes

    Beed SubBatch AN.Arabia_V SubBatchNbr must be the same for each row of data within a cleared date.

    thank you in advance
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