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    Unanswered: Search inside search results

    Does anyone have a script to search inside search results.
    Normally records are stored in folders and furthers easy to search with user input.
    I have brought the search results to the centre or left query windows. From there I would like to search further and bring the results to the centre or left query window again.
    To some extent I tried to use filter record set through recordset script but still the flexibility like searching in folder is missing. It will be good if we are able to store the records temporarily on air.

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    I am still very much a novice with Brilliant Database though I recently had a similar need (search once and then perform a secondary search within the initial results). I spent two weeks attempting to arrive at a solution and finally found something that worked for me. In my situation, I needed to first search for all matches for a certain person within a second folder. Once I had those results, I then needed to take those matches and perform another search in a third folder to convert 'found' the data to another format so that the program could use populate a Many-to-Many relationship field.

    I used a query to arrive at the first data set and then assigned a variable that represented these results. Then, using a 'For Each' command and another query, I searched within the initial results against another folder to ultimately arrive at the solution I was looking for. These final results were assigned as another variable and appear in a MMR field.

    This may not exactly address your situation but it did move your question back to the top of the list!!! On a side note - the required setup of queries that are used in the script ("... Records from Query") make absolutely no sense to me. I had to try every possible combination before I could get it to work properly.
    Daryl G

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    Thank you Daryl for trying to help me.
    Yes I agree we can search inside search but we lose the freedom of user sorting and filtering (like the one in normal folder)which is very much essential user point of view.Yes we even can do this moving the first search results to a new folder.But when you move the records to a new folder if any other user search the original folder he will not get the correct results.
    I hope the developers will think of this feature in their new release.

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