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    Unanswered: how to delete subscription in rep server

    I am trying to drop connection
    1> drop connection to ec_dco.ec_dco
    2> .
    Msg 15039, Level 12, State 0:
    Server 'pr_repsrvhq01':
    Database 'ec_dco.ec_dco' has subscriptions in it. Cannot drop connection to it.

    rs_getsub does not show any subscriptions, however, rs_subscriptions table has two entries for that dbid, but for some reason, pdbid is 0 for these two records. And rs_databases does not show any databases with id 0. I am hesitating to manually remove these two records from rs_subscriptions, is there any other way for me to do it properly and remove any dependant subscriptions? Thank you

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    forgot to add. these objects id is not presented in rs_objects either...

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