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    Unanswered: Import statistics

    I would like to import the statitics of a database to another database for test purpose.

    I would like to know it makes sense when the two databases are very different:
    The source database is about 1 TBytes and the destination database only 2 GBytes. Of course the bufferpools are also bigger in the source database.

    Further more the FixPak levels are not the same:
    The DB2 version of the Source database is 8.1 FP 11 under HP-UX 11.23
    The DB2 version of the destination database is 8.1 FP 14 under HP-UX 11.23

    Thanks for your help in advance
    Best regards


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    There is an option with db2look to pull the statistics. See the following link. You are probably ok with being under different fixpak's, you will need to test to be sure. Many times the catalog does not change much between fixpak's, unlike major release levels. But test to be sure. Below is the link to db2look on v8.

    DB2 Universal Database

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    hi azready

    Thanks for your reply. Actually I have already tried to extract the statistics from the source database with db2look -m but it seems that the result is not correct: the update failed because of the column PAGE_FETCH_PAIRS in the table SYSSTAT.INDEXES. The sequence PAGE_FETCH_PAIRS doesn't match the required dependencies to NPAGES and CARD values of the table SYSSTAT.TABLES for the same table.

    The affected tables are:

    I need to import the statistics of the huge database into the small one to check the access plan of some SQL-statement.

    Do the above tables play any role for the access plan of SQL-statements in which they are not explicit used?

    Furthermore: is it the right way to simulate a database in order to check the access plans ?

    Thanks and regards

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