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    New here - Student

    Hey all,
    The site looks great,

    I joined this forum as I have only started to learn ER models. and phpmyadmin / php /mysql

    I am wondering would it be possible for me to post project Im doing for any tips/help.

    It will gain me no marks, it is for us to learn how it works, but I need to find out by learning and I'm eager to gain some knowledge.

    I'm interested in learning databases as I am also creating a football fan site, and I would like to be able create one for this also.

    As I said, I am only starting out with this so Im only learning.
    I was just looking for an online community discuss things with in evenings and weekends.

    Im just wondering where to post and if its possible here.

    Overwhelmed with it all at the moment.

    Thanks all and hope to speak to you soon

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    Suggest you spend some time looking at posts in the various parts of the forum that would have info you would use (sooner rathen than later).

    There are specific parts of the forum for what you have mentioned (i.e. mysql & php)

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