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    Unanswered: W7 Connection issue

    Hi. I am new to postgres, pgAdmin, and psql. I have two workstations on a small 192.168.1.x network on which I have installed postgres 9.2.x servers (and admin tools). The localhost connections work to their respective servers, and postgresql.conf has an uncommented listen_address = '*', which I take to be "listen on all ports". When I try to set up a connection to the other server, I get a timeout error - not listening.

    Wondered if anyone else has run into this situation.
    Tks in advance
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    Welcome to PostgeSQL rover22,

    connection to the other PostgreSQL server timed out because of the firewalls on your computers ( assuming operating system "Windows 7").

    You have to allow port 5432 (TCP) either from the network 192.168.1/24 (easier to configure) or the other host-address (more secure).

    Please check also that the postgresql-users have permission to connect to the databases from the other computer or network configured in file "pg_hba.conf".
    Please create a backup of file "pg_hba.conf" so you can undo the configuration if your
    changes will not work.
    If PostgreSQL is installed on "C:\Programs" (is the same as "C:\Program Files") you have to edit the file performing "AS ADMINISTRATOR" also if your current account is member of the group "administrators". Otherwise you will not able to save the changed file.

    After changing "pg_hba.conf" a reload or restart of PostgreSQL service is required I believe...
    A missconfigurated "pg_hba.conf" prevents PostgreSQL server from starting. In that case please refer to the event-log.

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