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    Where to start? Local & web DB member management


    I am hoping some of you database pros could point me in the right direction...

    I have an old MS Access custom built database with some custom programming for member management and facility assignment for a non-profit.

    The current but old and soon to be no longer supported (on Win XP machine) database and associated MS Access interface is local, on one computer on site used as the main member management and facility management computer. The custom MS Access solution, built by a programmer many years ago is used as a database with information and photo for members/visitors and also used to check in and assign members/visitors to parts of the facility - like bowling lanes and archery lanes and to track time and items purchased.

    We need to update/modernize the system so that it is compatible with Windows 7 and 8 as it was built on Win 98 and then updated for Win XP.

    We also need it to interface with an ID card printer (like the ones at health clubs for a new member ID with a bar card reader for check in and check out, etc., or some other form of reader other than barcode that would work ).

    And, we need it to be accessible to work on from more than one computer on site, so when it is busy there can be more than one station for staff to enter new members, check in visitors, etc. (Right now we can only run the DB/software on one computer.)

    And, we need the ability to use this database even if the connection to the web/network goes down, hence the local option.

    I am looking at seeing if I can find a programmer to build a custom solution but there are not a lot of local reputable/established programers in the area and we do not have a large budget for this.

    So, I was hoping to get some basic pointers from the community here on the following:

    1. What database software, client, interface, etc., would you recommend?

    2. What is best solution for multiple and concurrent database/software access that would allow for local (if network/Internet is not available for some reason) but also working from several stations (computers) on site?

    3. Are there any recommended businesses, programmers who could work on a project like this for a reasonable cost, maybe specializing in work for non-profits and sporting and educational facilities?

    It seems there are so many options out there that it is hard to narrow down to a few to delve into further. So, really hoping to get some good advice here.

    Thanks so much!

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    Start with google "open source club membership software".
    You might find something free or less than a hundred dollars that does what or most of what you want.

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