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    Unanswered: Access 07 Form using Sharepoint 07 lists - list data not refreshing


    I have a Form in Access 2007 that modifies records in a SharePoint List called 'Reservations'. There is a combo box in my form that displays all the reservation records in the list.

    If I make a reservation on Computer1 auto-numbered ID 1 and then some time later make a reservation on Computer2 auto-numbered ID 2, the combo box on Computer2 will only show the record with ID 2. If I re-query the combo box on Computer1, it will only show the record with ID 1.

    If from within Access on either computer I open the linked table (SharePoint list) 'Reservations', it contains both records. Now when I re-query the combo box, it shows both records.

    I have the "Cache List Data" setting OFF. For some reason, SharePoint is using stale list data, but it still properly auto-numbers the IDs so it's not totally offline.

    Any ideas?
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    I solved the problem by opening/closing the linked table with stale data. I guess it updates the local cache of the list data. On the down side, it adds a couple of seconds of delay.

    Sub RefreshSharePointList(TableName As String)
    Application.Echo False
    Dim tbl As TableDef
    For Each tbl In CurrentDb.TableDefs
        If tbl.Name = TableName Then
                DoCmd.OpenTable tbl.Name
                DoCmd.Close acTable, tbl.Name
        End If
    Application.Echo True
    End Sub

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