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    Unanswered: List files to a table for a File Log


    I'm currently trying to make a File Log that would automatically list all the files in a specific path.

    I almost found the answer to my problem:
    Microsoft Access tips: List files recursively

    However, there's some modifications I would like to do (I'm not good enough to do them myself so I ask for your help!):
    1- When I restart the module, I want it to add the files that are not already listed and not every files again.
    2- This solution gives me the path of the file, but I would like to have an hyperlink to open the file
    3- I would like to start the module on the click of a button, to make it appear like some sort of ''refresh''. In other words, on the click of a button, I want it to do the Ctrl+G, insert the command string and press enter.

    Thanks in advance!

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    I've been able to easily fix problem number one.

    I've set the File Name as the primary key, so no more duplicate!

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