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    Unanswered: DB to SMS via VB.

    I am trying to develop a system that would enable a user to send an SMS of particular info from a DB via an interface on a PC created using VB. Creating the actual interface doesn't seem very challenging. However, I would like the SMS to be non-reply. It all seems very possible, making it all come together seems to be a challenge for me. Any ideas? Also, I am a newbie, so if I posted in the incorrect forum, I apologize.

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    This isn't a VB or a database question. Look into SMS provider gateways. You will likely use VB and/or sql to decide how, when and what SMS you will send, but you're likely looking at a web service or other external asset for actually sending the SMS.

    Another possible option is availing yourself of the fact that most phones can receive SMS by simply sending them an email. There are different domains for different carriers, so you need to know what carrier a given phone number is on. For example, if they are verizon you would use "" T-mobile: "".
    oh yeah... documentation... I have heard of that.

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