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    Unanswered: Help SSIS Packages.

    So i have about 80 different SSIS PAckages that load different text files into tables. each package has a config file that contains password, server name and user id. I want to forward these packages to a use who will execute them.
    So instead of giving the user 80 packages to execute manually, how do i put these packages into one parent package so that the user has to only execute this parent package instead of executing 80 different packages NB. package exec is manually. (we will automate later) so this is a temp measure.

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    1. Pack up all of your component SSIS packages.
    2. Create a new "whole shebang" package.
    3. Add an Execute package task for each ccomponent package.
    4. Test run the "Whole Shebang" package.
    5. Voila!
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    thanks for the reply. i figured it out. Execute package solve my problem. thanks once again

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