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    Red face Unanswered: Quick Question from Access Newbie

    I have used Excel for two decades, but never Access. I used some ancient database SW a decade+ ago and know some database basics, but many moons passed ... along with specific skills. I need an experienced suggestion about which tool or approach in Access07 would be best to learn first to accomplish this (likely simple) task.

    I was given an Access Database, a simple Excel spreadsheet with two columns "LastName" & "FirstName" and given the request to automate the creation of a new Access database that simply copies each entire record of the first database into the new database that matches each LastName/FirstName line in the spreadsheet.

    There are probably several ways to approach this, but I lack the experience to judge what would likely be the best approach or tool to use to do this.

    I would appreciate experienced suggestion on conceptually how to best approach a solution and the tools I need to learn to build the new database.

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    1-Make a new blank database.
    2-In the old database, link to the excel ss.
    3-In the old db, make a make-table query with the old table on the left and the linked ss on the right. Join them on both last name and first name. In the QBE grid, down below, simply put the old table name followed by a star, e.g.,
    Actually, Access will default to this.
    4-Access will ask you for a new table name and where you want to save the new table. Answer with the name of a new table and the name of the new db.


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    Thank you for the suggestion.

    Let me give that a go.

    I really appreciate the leg up!


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