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    Help for database design Implementation

    Please help me to design appropriate solution for the following scenario: Also give me the details of hardware needed for the design

    The Regional Health Authority (RHA) is responsible for seven local health authorities (you can ignore all issues to do with Primary Care Trusts*and General Practitioners (GPs) and assume there is one health authority per local area). Each health authority is responsible for approximately 1 million patients and for up to 15 hospitals.* Each Health Authority designs and maintains its own database for patient, staff, treatment data etc.* All patients have a unique National Health Service (NHS) number but are given different numbers for any inpatient stay.*
    Four of the health authorities use a custom NHS database, two use Oracle and one uses SQLSERVER.*

    The kinds of problems the RHA faces are:
    * All the hospitals and health authorities perform differently. For example the length of stay as an in-patient can vary for the same condition.
    *Patient satisfaction is low
    * The databases contain a vast amount of patient information which could be used for research purposes but the data cannot be accessed at present


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    Can do. What kind of help would you like?

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    Sounds like homework to me.

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