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    Unanswered: Time required for executing a query


    select source, channel, count(*) totalDups from DUP_PAYMENT.DETAILS as details, DUP_PAYMENT.DUPLICATE as duplicate where details.sys_id = duplicate.sys_id and details.sys_entered_date between '2012-10-10 00:00:00.0' AND '2012-10-19 00:00:00.0' and duplicate.sys_dup = 'Y' and details.SYS_DELETED IS NULL group by source, channel with UR.

    Database have 7,50,000 Rows.
    Index - 2 used for SYS_ID,sys_entered_date,SYS_DUP column.
    Tables - 2 tables
    Above query is taking 18-20 sec for executing.
    Can you please tell me why its taking so much time and how can i optimize above query for reducing time required for execution.?

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    Have you looked at the explain plan to see if the indexes are being used ?

    Where did you get the info about the execution time ? On the database server ?
    If you have done on a client, you should also see if there is a bottleneck in rendering the data (if using a GUI tool) or even network.

    Your query will be doing sorting - do you know how good the clustering is on source and channel columns.

    Do you have table stats up to date ?

    BTW, you cannot tune a by posting on an internet forum , unless you have a pretty good grasp of query tuning already and are using the forum for more ideas.

    Visit the new-look IDUG Website , register to gain access to the excellent content.

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