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    Unanswered: postgresql-X & apache on Mac un-/install, use and issues


    Im trying to get a db working on my Mac. I dont know what Ive done wrong but my installation of postgresql putted several folders in strange directories, others not named in Manual. I'm sure I done something wrong so i want to uninstall everything and start all over but I'm not sure how.
    Can I simply remove everything? Is it something that I should know before installing postgresql again?

    And i have another problem. Apache is trying to start postgresql over and over again but getting error every time. Ive looked on the "Error Console" (?) and the error log i get is:

    Pancho-iMac[1] (com.edb.launchd.postgresql-9.0[4954]): getpwnam("postgres") failed

    Ive tried to stop this using launchctl but get error msg: unkown process

    How can i stop Apache trying to start Postgresql?

    thank you!

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    Hello S.Pancho,

    I'm sorry but I don't have practice with iMac.
    But the error
    getpwnam("postgres") failed
    means that there is no such user (in /etc/passwd or elsewhere).

    It seems that postgresql is not installed correct.
    Pleas try to uninstall and install again (after reboot?).

    Why apache should starts postgresql?
    There is no reason for the apache server to that because apache has nothing to do with postgresql.

    Or did you installed the XAMP or XAPP bundle or so?
    If yes, pleas refer to the XAMP documentation concerning iMAC / FreeSBD.

    Otherwise you can install the independed software apache (and php) and postgresql.

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