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    Unanswered: Query Design to Produce Calculated Value Using Previous Record Value

    Good Morning All,

    I am in need of some dire help.

    I would like to build a query that has a calculated field, involving value from a previous record. I have five columns, Year (sorted ascending), InvestmentRate, StartingBalance, AnnualContribution, and InterestIncome.

    The first row, being the smallest year value, uses a previously defined elsewhere starting balance, annual contribution, and interest income. This is recognized via an Iif statement and establishing the first set of values which the second row should use to calculate.

    The second record, and until the end of the query, automatically calculates the new starting balance value based on the sum previous row record's starting balance, annual contribution, and interest income.

    Furthermore, for the second record, and untill the end of the query, the InterestIncome is calculated value incorporating the second row's StartingBalance value (which is the product of the sum of the previous record's values).

    This calculated referencing to the previous record is causing me nightmares, if any out there can help, I would be so appreciative.
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