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    Unanswered: Help with Exports of Multiple Reports in Access via a Macro or Module

    I have an Access 2010 DB. The DBs main product that is produced is a report with I then have to export as PDF based on a unique identifier in the report. Currently this is done by me running the whole report and then individually selecting to export a specific page range. So I may have to export this report 40 to 100 times depending on how many of this unique identifier there are. I know there has to be a way to put code in a module or Macro to do this automatically but I am not versed in any VBA code.

    I have tried googling for solutions but none of the codes i find work out. I think its because they need a slight tweak for my situation and since I dont understand code, I can't tweak it.

    My hope is someone has seen this and solved it before. Basically I need the code to filter the table that populates the report by the field that I need the report broken out by, then runs and exports the report as a PDF. Then goes back and filters the table on the next identifier, until it has filtered and exported on all the unique entities in that field and I have all the PDFs exported.

    Any help anyone can provide is greatly appreciated.

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    Actually I was typing a friend and I realize, another way to state what I need to code to do is as follows.

    For each value of Table A
    Filter Table A
    Run Report
    Export Report as PDF
    Remove Filter from Table A

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