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    Unanswered: Next step: forms, reports, applications ?

    Good morning!

    So I've never done really anything with databases, but I asked my employer if I could have a project to learn. He's asked me to migrate his ancient RBASE database to something open source.

    By this point I've migrated the schema, set up FKs and PKs and Indeces and structure on MySQL, and imported all of the data... so the database part is pretty much done.

    Now I need some application for creating forms (he'd prefer a GUI), generating reports, and running applications, all things which were built in to RBASE. How should I proceed with this? It doesn't need to be online (although it could be), will rarely have more than 1 person manipulating the data at a time, and we're talking about 20-30 tables with several hundred to several thousand records each. It's mostly product and sales and cost recommendation.

    Where should I go from here? Just use raw PHP, Drupal, something else? I'm really at a loss for what direction to take this and would appreciate the help... thanks!

    Btw, I do have some experience with HTML, CSS, and Javascript, as well as Java... I'm not sure which of these will be applicable as I've never done a project like this, though. Thanks!

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    Have a look at some of the development frameworks such as Yii which will write a lot of the code for you. I have never actually used them but I have read up about them and they seem pretty powerful.
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