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    Unanswered: Logshipping Backup job not working but t-sql script does work

    Today morning i came across a strange issue, my LS_Backup job is not working

    if i take a T-Log backup using a t-sql script it works fine

    I checked the Job errorlog...It says step Failed ...No details at all

    I created a Test database .....configured it for logshipping ...Outcome was same issue...I am not able to take T-Log backups using Logshipping Job

    My SQL Agent and MSSQL Service is running on Domain admin account
    Location of T-Log backups is Local on Primary server with sharing on and permissions set to read/write for everyone
    I am running sql server 2008 r2
    Logshipping was running fine from last one year and i dont know what happened suddenly Please HELP!!!

    Just came to My notice LogShipping Backup Script in LS_BAckup job is running under CMDEXEC step type........If i execute it as T-sql using XP_CMDSHELL it works
    also came to my notice ...the system created job SYS_Policy_Purge Histore ...Third step which runs in Powershell Type is also failing

    To me it Looks Like a issue with SQL using CMD and Powershell to run Commands
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    After Server Restart, as lot of updates were pending from last 25 days , everything came back to normal............Microsoft i hope you fix this

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