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    Unanswered: Access "Web Database" Cascading Comboboxes..... is dead

    Hey guys noob here, but thanks for listening.

    So basically I'm making a new software database in access 2010 but I'm doing it in the web database and not the traditional Access DB, and I feel like they chopped off my arms.

    I'm trying to get some cascading combo boxes going but when I click on the "After Update" event in the properties tab it will only let me create a Macro, I only know how to create a cascading drop box in code. Also when click on the "Row Source" it takes me to a very limited query design.... but I figured out a work around that.

    Anywho if anyone knows how to create a cascading drop box an access web database, that would be amazing.


    Just to clarify;

    I'm trying to do Developer drop down box, which will then produce a list of software by that developer to choose, and then will produce a drop down list of the versions available for that software

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    And I just realized my work around mentioned above doesn't work. So here's my situation;

    I've got a Table of software, it has three main fields "Developer" "Software" and "Version"

    The developer and Software have several repeats I would like not to appear, example:

    Adobe PhotoShop CS6
    Adobe PhotoShop CS5.5
    Microsoft Project 2010
    Microsoft Visio 2010
    Microsoft Visio 2007

    So what I would like to do is create a form that has three cascading drop down boxes based off of the three aforementioned fields, which will then fill in another table that will keep a record of who when where and what.

    But right now I'm focusing on the cascading part.

    1 I can't get it to not repeat, ie. when you click on the drop down menu I'd like Adobe and Microsoft to appear once. I cannot find the "Unique Value" property to save my life right now.

    2 I'm doing this is Access web database which seems to severly limit my motions and only lets me do macro.

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