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    Unanswered: Create Help Button on Access...


    I hope someone can help me. I think it's something very simple but I don't see how to do it.

    I want to make a Help Button in my database that when I or the user press it, open like a popup or similar a word, pdf document with instructions to help the user on the applications functions etc.

    I'm really looking forward to do this because it would help to improve my application.

    Thanks to anyone that can help me in this manner.


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    If you want to use the "standard" help system (as defined by Microsoft), see:
    Microsoft HTML Help 1.4 (Windows)

    You can also create a help table with a column identifying the form, a column identifying the control (it can be numeric and related to the HelpContextId property of this control) and a column containing the text to be displayed.

    Then, you can define a hotkey (with a macro) that will call a function that will identify the active control of the active form, retrieve the corresponding message in the help table, and display it (in a form, for instance).
    Have a nice day!

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