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    Unanswered: breakout hiearchy into columns - see attach

    I have text in a column that I would like to separate the levels. Each level is indented 5 spaces. The highest level is below the lower levels and has 5 spaces in front of it and the lowest level has 25 spaces. The lowest level is always on top and the highest is on the bottom.

    25 spaces APUnit
    25 spaces APUnit
    20 spaces Bud Act
    15 spaces Bud Prog
    10 spacesAgency
    5 spacesDept

    Can I get the columns to read up and put in column A the dept, B the agency, C Bud Prog, D Bud Act, E AP unit and have it fill in the columns so that all of the AP units have a tree so that I can sort in excel.

    Right now I can not sort or do anything with the info even though the hiearchy is obvious. Actually, I will use the info to add other dimensions such as fund.

    See attachment for what i would like to do.
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