Not sure if access is the write tool, and forgive me I am a new user too it, but I think it may help me with what I want to do and there again it may not!

At the moment we use a simple excel sheet for recording weights of packages that we load into containers and then print off two word docs as labels, one that goes into the package and one for the container. This is cumbersome and sure it could be made easier. Anyway what I am looking for is the following,

to have a screen with a blank box with flashing cursor which a weight is inputted. Behind this will be a pallet number which is sequential, date and time of weight inputted, the weight and then the cumulative weight. From this I would then need to show a report of all the inputs and setup a form that I could print as labels.? Does this make sense to anyone? is it something simple to achieve ? any help would be great.