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    Unanswered: HADR from hot backup

    Hello everyone,

    I have a hypothetical problem: Let's say I have a production database that is always in use.
    I would like to set up HADR for that database.

    Is it possible to take an online backup of the production database, copy it to the standby server and restore the backup there, then set up HADR from that, or does it need to be an offline backup of the production database ? Unfortunately it doesn't explain if what I am asking is possible in the redbook from ibm.

    Than you for your answers in advance and best regards,

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    Online backup is no problem. Restore it on standby server, and skip the rollforward step (which you would normally have to do with a on-line backup). Then start hadr as standby. Then go back to primary and start hadr on primary.
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    OK great. Thank you for the answer.

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