Hello. I am creating a database on Access & I'm having some problems. I have made this blank Report: Piclair.com - Share what you see!

and I have a separate form which the user can scroll through to check different records. Piclair.com - Share what you see!
(Don't worry that info is fake anyway)

My goal is to : Create a button on the form, which (when clicked) opens all the data of the record that's currently being viewed on the Green form, into the empty box in the Report that I have made.
Because printing the form itself wastes a lot of ink.
I want to make a receipt template which all the data transfers to in a format that I'm pleased with, is there any way, it doesn't have to be the way I explained, just something which will export into a receipt-like format and print it.

Any help whatsoever; will be appreciated very much.