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    Unanswered: Age Old Question - Export a Report to Multiple Files for Each Record

    I've been searching forums all day, hoping to find a way to accomplish this. Many people seem to have a similar need and so far, every attempt I've tried has failed. So I'll start a new thread.

    In Access 2007, I have a report for which the datasource is a query. It may be worth noting that within that report I have 2 sub-reports based upon sub-queries, and those sub-reports are Linked Master/Child through the report fields.

    The main report so far works and looks great. I export every record and the sub-reports with the sub-records, etc. I have about 2,000 primary records in my database (from which my sub-records branch off). I want to export my report (that currently shows all records) to individual (~2,000) Word or PDF files each time the main report moves to a new record, based on my primary key, field name conveniently "ID".

    Rather than muddle this post with all my failed attempts. Can anyone suggest where I should begin with this?

    Please help! Been 2 days without any progress. Thanks!

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    I would start here and the associated link on looping:

    Emailing a different report to each recipient

    In your case, you'd export rather than email.

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