Good Morning

Newbie to Access so picking up things as I go and using the Forums but have got stuck.

When a user has filled in a Form I need a Macro on a button to save the File to a directory in PDF format

Have sort of got there using the "Export with Formating" Macro but when I enter in the Section for "output File" it Fails. If I leave the option blank I can manually save the file. I am just typeing in the directory path.

Also I need the Forms to save using a varible from the Form for example the Form names is "Incident Report" but I would need it to also take into account the date for example as not to over write any other forms saved.

Also on another note I have used the Macro to email the report using Outlook in PDF format but the user still has to send the report through outlook can this be setup so that it just sends

Thank you in Advance

Is this out of reach with macros or do I need to start reading up on VBA ?