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    Unanswered: Indexes are preventing INSERT?


    I have a MySQL 5.1 database and an application that connects to it (Confluence 3.5.11). Recently I had to delete the contents of one table: PLUGINDATA table.

    Ever since, application cannot INSERT anything into that same table... This table is used for storing plugins, and I cannot install any plugin because I'm unable to INSERT into that table... I get the following error from the apllication log:

    2013-02-05 09:32:22,500 ERROR [pool-8-thread-1] [com.atlassian.upm.PluginInstaller] execute Failed to install plugin
     -- referer: | url: /rest/plugins/1.0/ | userName: user1 
    org.springframework.transaction.TransactionTimedOutException: Transaction timed out: deadline was Tue Feb 05 09:32:22 CET 2013

    So my question is this: Are indexes that are built upon that table somehow preventing INSERT-ing of data that was there before, and do I have to drop them and rebuild them again?

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    as I read that error message its more likely you have a problem with your installation of the spring framework

    if an insert was reject because of indexes I would have expected a suitable error message saying so.
    however failure to install plugin suggests that there is a component not installed or registered

    I'd suggest you look at the documentation that comes with dpring framework to see if 'they' have a solution or explanation of what causes this fault

    it could be the transaction is failing to secure a lock on the table(s) afected, heck it could be anything
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