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    Unanswered: SSIS File System Task

    hi guys i have 2 questions on File System Task.
    1. is it possible to zip a file i want to move from one folder to another? it possible to rename a file before i move it? the case is like after i load a txt file i want to save it in an archieve folder. i will be loading the same filename on a daily bases so i want to keep the files i load for at least a month. i tried moving a file to the archieve's folder and the task failed because "it cannot create a file that already exists". any ideas?

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    Zipping a file...I dunno. Maybe possible to issue a command line task?

    To rename a file, you should be able to do that using a file system task. You'll likely need to set up variables to cover the current and intended names.

    SSIS is a quagmire of awfuleness. Be prepared to spend several hours doing something that would take you 15 minutes to code, were they to allow you actually write code in SSIS.

    Have fun.
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    thanks managed to do the renaming part. now trying to handle the zipping issue. thanks once again

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