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    Unanswered: Report Designing

    I do hope one of you folks have an answer.

    First off, I really enjoy using Brilliant Database. For those who remember DOS days I used Paradox 3.5 for years and it PAL language. BD is nearly as easy to use.

    My question is : I have scanned a form, and I am using it as a static image in report designer, and then simply placing my fields on top of the form. All was good for the first day or two, the form printed with the field data on top. Now all I get is field data and no form printing. The form is a JPG image. I have not deleted my image or change file location. As far as I understand BD keeps the image in its database. Im at wits end. Any Ideas?


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    Create a text with 'Add static text' on your image. Write any thing.
    Right click that and select Order->Send to back. (Send this text box under your image).
    Then try again.

    (This is another bug in BD i have found. I have solve my problem like this.)

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    Reporting : Images

    Thank you very much for the reply, works like a charm.

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