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    Design confusion

    Hey guys, I'm making a website and I have an option to define your availability throughout the week, however I need a database table to store this information, I have been thinking long and hard about how I might do this and I can't come to a decision (or convince myself its the easiest way!)

    Basically, for each day, monday through sunday, a user can set if they are available, at earliest time, until latest time, and then three locations at which they may be available.

    I have it figured that I will need these columns at least:

    Available (Bool)
    From (Time)
    Until (Time)
    Location 1 (Varchar)
    Location 2 (Varchar)
    Location 3 (Varchar)

    now how do I link this to both the user AND the day.. DO i add a column foreign key for UserID from my user table and then make 7 seperate tables, one for each day of the week or do I have one table with 6 columns*7(days of the week) plus user id... I have no idea what the best way to do this is or if I am missing something,I am relatively new to this. Thanks!

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    I'd add a user identifier and a day identifier to your existing table.

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