Folk's, I know nothing about programming, but wondered if you can help me alter a database. The database is of The New Yorker DVD's I purchased a few years ago. At one time I changed the Disk identities of all disks numbered in the DB file to 9 (my Hard Drive identity) so that I could browse all pages without using the multiple DVDs. At one time I used SQLite Database Browser.

My problem now is that I cannot get SQLite Database Browser to work once again. I transferred all my files to another HD, so I reinstalled The New Yorker DVDs, and must re-edit the "ny-sqlite-3" file to locate all the data on my HD or Disk 9. But this time, SQLite refuses to save the disk ID edits to 9.

I boot into a )SX 10.6.8 Snow Leopard partition to view The New Yorker data.

Anyone have a clue as to why there is a "key" to show this time, using SQLIte Studio? What does SQLiteStudio mean asking me if I want to use version2 or 3 when starting up the app?

I changed these ID numbers just a couple of months ago on another HD. It is possible to do this, I don't know why not this time.