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    Unanswered: Membership Database tables Help

    Hi I need to create a membership database for a fitness centre that is relational in access. I know how to make the forms and reports, I just need help setting up the initial tables with primary keys and foreign keys, and relationships, as well as calculated fields, although I've heard it's better to have a query instead of a calculated field.
    Here is the design for my tables, the fields might need changing:

    MemberID (Primary key)
    Date of Birth
    Post Code
    Telephone Number

    Membership TypesTbl

    Membership Type ID (primary key)
    Name (The name of the type of membership, e.g swimming)
    Cost per month, probably a drop down box?

    MembershipOpportuinitesTbl = what the members membership entails basically

    Opportunity ID (Primary key)
    MemberID (foreign key)
    Membership type ID (foreign key)
    Join Date
    Renewal Date (calculated field)

    I have attached my database, most the relationships are screwed up as well as other things.

    Help would be much appreciated as I barely understand this side of Access and my coursework is due this Wednesday :l
    Thank you!
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