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    Unanswered: Autorunstats Issue


    We're on DB2 9.7 FP 5 with SAP.
    We have Autorunstats & Real time stats enabled on our BW system.

    However, some tables have old statistics...say 2-3 days old (these tables have 0% deviation).
    Hence, when programs/jobs access these tables the performance is very poor & unless we run a manual update stats on the particular table, the job doesn't complete.

    Does running a manual stats on a table exclude it from Autorunstats forever ?
    Also, in this case please advise if we need to include a profile for the autorunstats to update stats on those few tables say every day ?
    Does autostats not update the statistics coz the deviation is 0% ?

    At the point we've scheduled runstats manually for 3 tables to run daily...

    Please help.

    Thank you.

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    What does "deviation is 0%" mean ? if it means that no data is changed in the table, then AFAIK, autorunstats will not collect stats on the table.

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    Hi !

    We have an option in SAP wherein we can check what % the table has changed since the last runstats.
    In our case, its 0% for the 3 problematic tables.

    However; unless a manual stats is run, jobs just get stuck on these tables....
    Even with manual stats scheduled to run twice a day for these 3 tables & 0% changes, we sometimes need to update stats in the middle of the day so that jobs can finish...
    Is this normal ?

    I guess even with 0% changes, the access plan needs to get modified/updated for faster access (which is probably what the manual stats do)...

    Please can you advise if we need to update the profile for Autostats to run stats on these few tables 2-3 times/day ?

    Also, does running manual stats exclude the table from Autostats ?

    Please help.....

    Thank you !
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