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    Unanswered: Font format, etc

    Hi all, my first question on here...

    I have an in-house ms access database to track candidates that have registered with us.

    On the candidate screen, I have a text box (linked to a memo field in tblCandidateRecord), the text box is named txtFullCV. For the purpose of the following question, I have tried changing the text box 'text format' properties to both 'plain text' and 'rich text'...

    I have created code based on a button which 'on-click' sends the contents of the text box 'txtFullCV' to a designated email address.

    All of the above works fine, except for the fact that when the email is received, the CV text includes all of the formatting settings, see example below:

    <div><font face="Times New Roman" size=3>&nbsp;</font></div>

    <div><font size=3 color=navy><strong>Jobsite CV for Leanne Cooper 19-Mar-2012 09:00 </strong></font></div>

    <div><font size=2>&nbsp;</font></div>


    <div><font size=2>&nbsp;</font></div>

    <div><font size=2 color=navy><strong>Employment Market: </strong>Health </font></div>

    Is it MS Access that is causing this and if so, how do I prevent it sending in this way, i.e. without the font formatting settings?

    Hope you can help me please


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    Never even thought about using RFT for anything in a Database, but there is a function named ExportXML() that may be of use. Try plugging that into Help, entering it just like that, with no spaces.

    Linq ;0)>
    Hope this helps!

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