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    Unanswered: Upgrading to 2008 R2


    looking to Upgrade from SQL 2008 Enterprise to 2008 R2 Enterprise on Windows 2008 R2 Server (64 bit).

    Any known issues, gotchas, white papers, etc... that I should be looking for or prepare for?

    My guess is that an in-place upgrade should be quite easy as there should not be many changes from 2008 to 2008 R2.

    thanks for your help.


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    The in place upgrade IS easy, but there are many changes (improvements) across the board. Just FYI, but if you are buying new licensing there are a lot of other issues to consider that can make SQL 2012 much more attractive than it would be otherwise.

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    THanks Pat,

    We have thought about moving to 2012, but my company is very "weary" about using new versions of software until they have been out for at least 2 years.

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