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    Question Unanswered: Migrate from DB2 7.1.0 AIX to new Linux DB2 installation

    Which procedure is the best to acomplish this ?

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    From V7 to V10?
    db2look to punch the DDL. Do not use the old tablespace config. Go for automatic storage so you'll have to do some editing.
    db2move to unload & load the tables using workflles.

    OLD - punch db2look 
    DBA - edit & split db2look file 
    OLD - db2move export data
    DBA - copy files to new server
    NEW - import 1st half of db2look (create table/index, do not include FK constraints here)
    NEW - db2move load 
    NEW - import 2nd half of db2look (from FK constraints down)
    OLD - power off
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