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    Unanswered: Map and Excel Data

    Just discovered a program named Mapcite. The demo seems to work nicely. Cost $99. Any free alternatives?

    My mapping needs are modest, too. I wouldn't be mapping more than 6 locations at a time.


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    Simple plotting by "Scatter" chart

    This may not encompass what you're wanting to do but if say you wanted to plot a set of locations like zip codes of customers in America, I have used a "Scatter" type chart in Access before and put a map of the United States (see attached - should not be a map that shows the curve of the lat lon) underneath the scatter chart. Then you need a table that has the approximate coordinates of each zip code and with some adjustment, you can have it plot dots accurately all over the map. You'll also want to get rid of the X and Y axis lines and labels. It's not that useful if you're looking at smaller areas but it's great if you want to analyze your distribution, profitability by region,...etc. Besides that, there are some powerful and free online analytic tools for plotting utilizing google maps. You might check those out too. I think they allow you to upload a CSV.

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    Excel Add-on Mapcite

    I actually broke down and ponied up the money for the add-on Mapcite. It works decently. 8 out of 10.

    My biotches would be that the license is for hardware only. So two computers means two licenses.
    There was a learning curve.
    The maps isn't the greatest.

    Given my needs were modest (appraisal work), it gets the job done.

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