Just a couple days ago, Devart, software development company, has released the 6.0 Beta Version of its MySQL GUI tool dbForge Studio for MySQL.

The latest version is jam-packed with completely new features. Let's take a look at some of the few most significant, and explore the following:

  • Database refactoring
    Now database objects can be renamed without thinking about consequences - the application will generate an update script and you'll only have to execute it to update links to the renamed object in the whole database.
  • Query builder with support of DML statements and usability improvements
    Working with queries was improved.
  • Improved code completion
    Code Completion feature now offers completely new possibilities. Devart team has done a great job to provide a stunning ease of use and effectiveness of code completion for MySQL database, as it previously did in its tools for SQL Server and Orcale.
  • Automated data report delivery
    This improvement allows delivering generated reports to the requested destination using one of available methods - e-mail, ftp, or shared folder.
  • Code Snippets Manager
    Code Templates feature was renamed to Code Snippets. New Snippets Manager allows adding new snippets and editing existing ones.
  • New window docking system
    You can perform different tasks on several monitors at once using one application instance.
  • Application appearance improved
    Devart has followed the Microsoft tendency to change application appearance. That's why they decided to add Metropolis and VS2010 skins to give application a new look.
  • Data export to SQL statements
  • Improved database object editors
  • New features in the data comparison tool
  • Support of MySQL pluggable authentication when creating a connection to MySQL server
  • Support of Windows authentication when creating a connection to MySQL server

If you are impressed well enough download dbForge Studio for MySQL Beta and don't forget to leave your feedback.