Windows XP
MS Access 2003

I have is a Loging Form for the user when the user logs in the user info gets Appended to a table called tblCurrentUser as a temp storage of there info.

PO Form
I have a form called Purchasing that has text boxes on it and I control the Data Enabled properties from a single check box

Purchasing Form On Current
Private Sub Form_Current()
If Me.EditBoxYes_No Then
Me.SUPPLER.Enabled = True
Me.REQUISITION.Enabled = True
Me.AddQTY.Enabled = True
Me.AddDESCRIPTION.Enabled = True
Me.AddUNITCOST.Enabled = True
Me.AddCOSTCODE.Enabled = True
Me.SUPPLER.Enabled = False
Me.REQUISITION.Enabled = False
Me.AddQTY.Enabled = False
Me.AddDESCRIPTION.Enabled = False
Me.AddUNITCOST.Enabled = False
Me.AddCOSTCODE.Enabled = False
End If
End Sub

Check box EditBoxYes/No

Private Sub EditBoxYes_No_Click()
End Sub
Problem with this is every time I click on the check box it takes me back to the start of the data

My objective
To control the Data Enabled on Text Box on the Form depending on the Raised By Text Box
So they can only edit there PO’s
Is there a better way?