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    Unanswered: MySQL grouping not working for me

    I have a query that I am trying to group that I am not getting the results that I need in terms of it grouping them here is the query:

    SELECT c.login, count(cc.case_id) SESSION_ID, SITE_NAME, Manager,
    (Select CONCAT(WEEK(c.Comm_date_UTC))
    from communications
    group by 'week')
    from case_details cd
    join case_communications cc on cd.case_id=cc.case_id
    join communications c on cc.comm_id=c.comm_id
    where CONVERT_TZ(cc.Creation_DATE,'+00:00','+10:00')
    Group by c.login
    limit 100;

    So what this is doing is giving me the following:

    So the grouping by the login is working, but not buy the week, what I wanted to see is:

    Note that its grouped by the week and login now, this is what I am trying to get

    Any help?

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    so add the week item to the grouping clause on th outer select as opposed to the sub select
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